Paul Avron Jeffreys

13th Feb 1952 - 21st Dec 1988

Paul Jeffreys and Rachel Jones wedding


This is a site about the life and music of Paul Jeffreys, put together by the people that knew him and played with him.

Paul grew up above his parents dry cleaning shop in East Ham, London and went on to play bass in some great British bands, the best known including the original Cockney Rebel line up and Bill Nelson's Be-Bop Deluxe. Paul lived and loved music and was a great admirer of the legendary Captain Beefheart.

In 1988 Paul got married to Rachel Jones and sadly they both lost their lives over the skies of Lockerbie on the way to their honeymoon.

Paul was a very likeable and popular person and even though his death was many years ago the memories of this man are still fresh and alive in our minds and hearts.

Have a wander around our site and take in some cherished memories of a very special person.